Joomla! 80+ million downloads and growing

It's estimated that Joomla powers over 2 million websites in 2017. In 11 years, there have been over 80 million downloads of Joomla and over 10,000 extensions and templates written for it.   Read why it's so popular!

Avenue One specializes in Joomla websites: design, building, maintenance, and training.  We can build a complete Joomla site for you from start to finish, including complete written instructions and a training session so you'll be comfortable with site editing. We can also assist with various areas of your Joomla project.

We can help you with ....

  • Design concepts and mockups
  • Joomla installation and setup
  • Joomla templates - building, modification and tweaking
  • Installing the best Joomla extensions
  • Customizing extensions to fit your design
  • Migration to the latest Joomla version
  • Transfering your site to a new host
  • Training you to edit your Joomla site
  • Building instruction manuals for your Joomla site

We can create a unique visual design for your website, with custom graphics, layout and colors.  We can also work with a design that you've created and convert it into a smoothly running website.  If you already have a visual mockup that you like, Avenue One can build a template from your PSD files. 

Here are some of the clients we've completed Joomla sites and projects for: